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    ian volume.I ●gave up in despair and settled down ▓on the hill and dale mattress to convince myse●lf that I was sleeping in spite of the inf▓ernal bedlam. There runs a▓ proverb, the origin of which is lost among the● traditions of hoar antiquit●y, to the effect that misfortun▓es travel in bands.That it is true● I have never doubted since the day followin▓g that broken-backed night i

    n Frankfurt.I●t was curiosity that called down upo●n my head this new adversity, fo▓r naught else could have moved me to investig▓ate the secrets hidden behind a fourth●-class ticket to Weimar.In all the countri●es of Europe there is nothin●g that compares with the fourth▓-class railway service of Germany.The ne▓cessity of providing some mode of transport▓ation cheaper than walking may be an excuse ▓for its perpetration, but woe bet●ide the unsuspecting traveler who, fo●r mere matter of economy, abandons f▓or this system that of our ancient forebears.▓ Intending to take the nine o’clock train, ▓I purchased a ticket about eight-forty and step●ped out upon the platform just in time to hear ▓a guard bellow the German variation of “all▓ aboard.” The Weimar train stood close at hand.▓ As I stepped towards it, four policeme▓n, strutting about the platform, let out s●imultaneous war-whoops, and sprang a●fter me. “Wo gehen Sie hin” shrieked t▓he first to reach me. “Ich gehe nach▓ Weima

    r.” “Aber, the train to Wei

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    rought up the rea●r of the constabulary deluge.“It is gone!● The guard has already said ‘all aboard●.’” The train stood at the edge of the plat●form long enough to have emptied and● filled again; but, as it was gone t●en minutes before it started, I was forced to w●ait for the next one at ten-thirty. The ●fourth-class carriage, unlike other● European cars, was built on ▓the

    American plan, with a door at each▓ end.In reality it was 22nothing m●ore than a box car with wooden bench▓es around the sides and a few apologie▓s for windows.Almost before we were under way,● the most unkempt couple aboard sto▓od up and turned loose what they e●vidently thought was a song.Many ●of the passengers seemed to be victims of t▓he same auricular illusion, for the pair glea●ned a handful of Pfennige before desc●ending at the first station.The bawl of crack▓ed voices, however, was but a▓ prelude to worse visitations, for, as n▓o train man enters the cars while they are in▓ motion, fourth-class travelers ▓are the prey of every grafter who chooses ▓to inflict himself upon them. We stop●ped at a station at least every ▓four miles during that day’s journey.At the ▓first hamlet beyond Frankfurt the car slowl●y filled with peasants and laborers in● heavy boots and rough smocks, wh●o carried sundry farm implem●ents ranging from pitchforks to young p▓lows.Sunburned women, on whose back

    s were stra▓pped huge baskets s

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    lea▓ned themselves and their loads ▓against us.The carriage filled a●t last to its utmost limits, a▓nd its capacity passed belief, a guard ▓outside closed the heavy door w●ith a bang, and uttered a mighty s▓hout of “Vorsicht”! (look out), evi▓dently to inform those near the porta●l that they were lucky to have “loo●ked out” before it was slammed.The station mas●ter on the platfo

    rm, a man boasting a unifo▓rm no American rear-admiral cou●ld afford, or dare to appear in, raised a hunt●ing-horn to his lips and gave as ●a signal of departure such a bla▓st as echoed through the ravines of Ronces▓valles.The head-guard drew his whistle and ▓shrilly seconded the command of his ●superior.The engineer whistled back to in▓form the guard that he was ready to do his dut▓y.The guard repeated his sibilant order.▓ The driver liberated another pent-u▓p shriek to show how easily his engine c▓ould reach high C, or to imply that he wa●s fast nerving himself up to open the throttle;● the man on the platform whistled again to cheer● him on; a heroic squeal came ▓from the cab in answer; and, ▓with a jerk that sent peasants, baskets, farm-▓tools, lime-pails, cabbages, ●and babies into a conglomerate,● struggling mass at the back end of the ●car, we were off.To celebrate which auspiciou●s event the engineer emitted a final shri▓ek and gave a second yank, lest some sure-footed▓ individual had

    by any chance r●etained his eq



e travelers had los●t all hope of relief from the sweltering● congestion, the countrymen began slowl▓y to wander out at the doors.T▓he exodus continued until there remained in t▓he car only those few through-pas▓sengers, who,


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